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Improving the Health of Your Business With Cost-Cutting & Operational Efficiency

Our Guarantee

Small Business Consulting Guarantee

"We will find and document real annual savings for your business that equal or exceed our invoice's consulting hours."
- Your Business is Alive!

The numbers are adding up !

Small Business Consulting SavingsIn the past 6 months we have produced over $2,300,000 in client savings !

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Welcome to Your Business is Alive!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we're small business people just like you. We know the challenges you face and understand your passion for what you do. We would be thrilled to get to know you and explore how we can apply our hard won lessons from the big corporate world to your business. We believe in plain language, hard work and a commitment to partnerships with our clients.

What's New

What's New

Your Business is Alive! is proud to announce our Webinar series began September 2010. Join us and learn how to price your products competitively, determine optimal ordering strategies or calculate the impact of seasonality. Discounts are available for multiple enrollments!

What exactly do we do?

Put simply, we find ways to save your business money, grow your company, and increase productivity by streamlining processes both inter- and intra- departmentally. We are able to confidently and consistently deliver results like this because of our strong professional business experience and grasp of the variables in supply chain management. We specialize in inventory control, process flow optimization, multiline and multiproduct scheduling and logistics and distribution. Marrying the business background with the operations background has proven to service our clients most effectively, and we like to think most optimally. Our credo is something we take seriously at Your Business Is Alive! in not only building but sustaining, growing and celebrating healthy relationships with you, our clients.

So how does it work?

Small Business Analysis

We will Review Your Business to uncover hidden savings and identify inefficiencies by the following process:

  • Gather Information
  • Analyze
  • Mutually develop short term action plans
  • Train your staff
  • Help you implement change
  • Re-evaluate and re-train your staff
  • Recommend changes and...
  • Create strategic long term plans for the growth of your business

In building a healthy relationship, we also provide service follow-up and follow through.

Your Business Is Alive! has proven results

Client Testimonials and Results

We have experience in a wide array of industries, and we know the right questions to ask. We encourage you to check out what other businesses have to say about us on our Testimonials page.

We guarantee to help you uncover the savings hidden in your business as we have with all our clients. We view your business as if it were our own. With this outlook, we seed and we grow our relationships with our clients.

We hope you will feel just as motivated to provide feedback as these clients have.

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