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Retail Franchise
"...[my business partner] and I both came from the corporate world (as employees) to the...franchise community (as owners) both lacking in the knowledge and understanding needed to successfully run our own business. We needed education in the understanding of the Operational and Financial controls that are commonly used by successful business owners in the management of their companies.

The consultants that came to see us got to work right away by showing us where we could make the biggest impact on our bottom line by making a few changes in the way we currently do business. A few examples of the changes involved... changing our Cabinet Designer's compensation plan from being a salaried employee to a sub-contractor, reducing the number of trainings for the Call Center staff from daily to bi-weekly and a few others. The cost savings realized from implementing all of the suggested changes came up to $105,000 in real dollars on an annual basis and this was without even touching the operational side of the business as yet.

On the operational side of the business the controls (financial and operational) that were suggested and/or implemented will allow us to finally be able to correctly plan and forecast the future of our business by looking at the numbers. We also implemented controls that will enable us to obtain the buy in and task ownership of our staff so that everyone in the organization will be on the same page.

In conclusion, we (the owners) are completely satisfied with the work that has been performed on our behalf by the consultants...We feel that once all the programs and suggestions have been put in place we as a company will have nowhere to go but on to bigger and better things." - Maurice King
Tire & Automotive Service
"Lisa has been a true blessing. I never had nor did I understand a budget, I just kind of ran my business by the seat of my pants. We have grown so much in the last 5 years my old way of running my business was driving me crazy!! Lisa has put into place several programs and standard operating procedures that will allow me to run and manage my business in a professional way that my business and my employees deserve!! I am completely satisfied with my investment I made back into my company." - Chip Smith
Restaurant Supply
"I strongly believe that when we implement the plans you have outlined, we will restore this business to growth and prosperity. The entire process has been enlightening and the delivery of the process enjoyable. You and your staff have opened my eyes to a completely different management approach and direction. Thank you for working so hard to help us. I am satisfied with the work performed to date and look forward to full implementation." - Frank Livolsi
Dental Supply
"Lisa Goodale has been with us today as a follow-up to our original consulting contract and it has been very good having her here, not only to remind us what our original model was intended to be, but to also helping us in setting up meetings with our key employees and redefine what they are supposed to be doing for us. She has also designed several charts we can use to tracking our employee's and our manager's progress in their personal goals. These are great ideas!!

As is always the case, it is up to us to get these ideas and plans implemented. We needed this prodding to get us back on track. I so hope we will be successful!!" - Olaf & Sara Jo Melander
Small Parts Manufacturer
"The visit...was informational and helpful. The representative explained quick books and how to use the estimating program; today we downloaded quick tips that will help the company in the future. The representative helped making different files to make our accounting a lot easier, and to see our budgets and how to use our budget wisely. I was very satisfied by the representative that the company has sent; she was really friendly and helpful." - Katherine Nelson
Metal Shop
"...In the seven days your representatives worked with us, they provided recommendations on labor cost analysis, management techniques and strategies, job costing management, provided us with an employee handbook, and trained us on Quick Books in an attempt to enable us to manage our business more effectively. Their assistance has been beneficial...We appreciate the assistance...provided and feel that it will be beneficial to us moving forward...

Once again, we thank you for your assistance." - James Edward Filyaw
Moving Company
"...I would like to express my total satisfaction with the work of ... Lisa Goodale. The work was through and on point. It was presented in a manner which was clearly understandable to me. I am especially pleased with the works of Lisa and they were the two who presented all the products to me and I am satisfied completely with the work." - Edward C. Senior
Bar / Restaurant
"Thank you for all the knowledge and support that your company has offered me and my business. Your personnel were up front and honest with me the entire duration they were here. We feel that your services are needed to improve our business and look forward to using your services...

I have received the recommendations and standards for operational procedures...We have implemented much of the information already.

Once again thank you for the opportunity to help our business grow. We really look forward to using your services in the future." - Glenn K. Jahns
"Thank you for your services...The project was complete beyond satisfaction. We were also very pleased by Lisa's intelligence, and she truly is a renaissance business woman." - Raven R. Henderson
Balloon Shop
"This letter is to confirm the satisfaction of services provided...The staff presented themselves with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, always revisiting processes for our optimal understanding in order to add to our business process.

Your openness to make sure we understood, the reframing of our thought processes to increase sales potentials, providing better tools to aid and assure our effectiveness from this point forward is exciting." - Terry DelMonaco
Dental Supply
"We would like to thank [you] coming assist us in trying to solve profit and expense issues with our firm. Your representatives came in and pointed out certain areas of concern that need improvement and gave us a rundown of a set of solutions that would help us." - Phillip C. Moore
"This letter confirms that the consulting project... has been completed to our satisfaction. The team members...Lisa Goodale...conducted themselves in a highly professional manner. They were extremely sensitive to cultural issues and practices that are unique to Hawaii and our company, while providing us with the tools and training we will need to insure our continued success.

We look forward to continuing our relationship." - Jim Gusukuma



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