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What We Do

At Your Business is Alive!, we are confident that we can find areas where your business can improve. Here is how we go about it.

Preliminary Business Analysis

How much money did you make last year?  How much money did you get to keep?  Sounds pretty simple but there is more to it than you might think. Do you know your company's breakeven point?  Your Business is Alive! will provide a comprehensive business analysis that depicts where you are today and where you would like to be.

How do your employees feel about things? Great ideas for improvement often come from the current human resources. Barriers in communication sometimes cause these ideas to be lost. Your Business is Alive! conducts interviews with your staff in a confidential and honest environment where these ideas can come to light. One of the most productive things we do is ask your employees, "If you were running this company, what is the one thing you would change?" Your Business is Alive! cares about our clients' most important resource:  its employees.

The preliminary analysis will identify the strengths of your business and areas where there is potential for improvement. We partner with you to prioritize these subjects, design effective remedies and training programs. We will be there to help you with every step and ensure that you realize the benefits of our recommended changes.

In Depth Recommendations

There are many different areas that we will examine to find ways for your business to improve.  Your Business is Alive! provides detailed written analysis and documents cost-saving recommendations backed up by real numbers. Here are some of the areas that we will look at, we are confident they contain the seeds of a brighter future for your company.

Process Flow Improvement
Process FlowWhat are the business tasks you undertake to provide products/services? We'll map your existing processes and identify steps that don't add value to your business.
Optimized Scheduling, Logistics and Distribution
Logistics and DistributionWe can help you figure out when it makes sense to outsource deliveries and how to accurately determine your transportation costs.
NumbersGetting deep inside the numbers generated in your organization can lead to many cost savings. We'll take a look at your chart of accounts, budgets and forecasts and reporting functions to find ways to improve your results.
Business Organizational Behavior
Organizational BehaviorThe corporate culture can help or hinder a business. Let us help you determine which the case is for you and what actions you can take to ensure that your company is a productive and happy place to work.
Measuring and Improving Productivity
ProductivityIf you don't measure it, you can't improve on it. We'll help you not only measure productivity, but also put programs in place to ensure that your business is continually improving on the factors that make you successful.
Incentives and Rewards
Incentives and RewardsIs the "Employee of the Month" parking space enough to motivate your employees? Let us help you measure your incentive program and create meaningful rewards that make your employees want to perform better or in more productive ways.
Inventory Control Tools
Inventory ControlWe'll employ a number of concepts such as Economic Order Quantity, Economic Production Quantity and Shrinkage Control to help you keep a lid on your inventory costs.
Flexible Manufacturing and Lean Management
Flexible Manufacturing Have you considered using a computer numerically controlled machine on your shop floor?
Revenue Enhancement Opportunities
RevenueLet Your Business is Alive! facilitate your expansion planning. We can help you identify complementary product lines and appealing new market segments to drive your revenue goals.
Defining Job Descriptions
Job DescriptionDo your employees know what is expected from them and do they have the skills they need? Detailed and realistic job descriptions are the keys to making sure your people know how they fit in the company, identifying training needs, and showing them how their performance drives the success of the company.
Cost Minimization
Cost MinimizationDo you know your business' single largest cost? Do you have a good conception of what your costs should be? Your Business is Alive! can review your income statement and prioritize areas for cost minimization and help you get a feel for where you measure up.
Price Modeling
Price ModelingDo your prices accurately reflect your costs? We can help you nail down your exact labor and overhead costs and craft a pricing model that ensures you're making money with every sale.



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